Earlier before 2005, the affairs, welfare and other related matters concerning teachers in Lagos State was coordinated and controlled by the Post- Primary Teaching Service Commission (PP- TESCOM) which was at some time headed by a Chairman / Executive Secretary till 2004.

In 2005, the Teachers’ Establishment and Pensions Office (TEPO) was created from the defunct Post- Primary Teaching Service Commission (PP-TESCOM) by the Education Reforms Law of year 2005 which also established the Six Education Districts, each headed by a Tutor General / Permanent Secretary under the Administration of the former Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Reform Law was to provide for the enhancement of career of Teachers in Post Primary Teaching Service, decentralization for effective management of post primary school system in the state and for other connected purposes.

TESCOM has the responsibility for the training of Officers on Grade Level 13 and above in Leadership and Management Skills to ensure standardization and uniformity so that the scarce resources are judiciously utilized. The Establishment is represented at the Personnel Management Board Committees of both Junior and Senior Staff in the Education Districts.



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A Dynamic and responsive organization ensuring professional excellence and fulfilling career in Lagos state post-primary teaching service


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To ensure effective career management, capacity development, capacity development and secured retirement  in Lagos State Post Primary Teaching Service.


Departments & Units
⦁ Administration and Human Resource (A & HR)
⦁ Directorate of Accounts.
⦁ Directorate of Establishment Matters.
⦁ Directorate of Pensions Administration.
⦁ Directorate of Learning and Development.
⦁ Teachers’ Resource Centre, Owutu. Ikorodu.
⦁ Policies, Plans & Programs Unit.
⦁ ICT Unit.
⦁ Loans Unit.
⦁ Public Affairs Unit.
⦁ Internal Audit Unit.
⦁ Planning Unit.
⦁ Procurement Unit




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